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Kuantan, the municipality and state capital of Pahang, Malaysia is one of the focus areas of the country with regard to growth and development. It is the 17th most densely populated city of Malaysia and its involvement in the Special Economic Zone was strategically carried out to boost the economy and urbanization of Kuantan. As Kuantan modernizes every day and is an important tourist destination, multiple parks, cinemas, travel agencies etc. are being constructed throughout the city.

Metro Crane is the pioneer of crane rental services all over Malaysia and abroad. The customers can choose from a variety of sizes, capacities, boom length and also consult our experts in order to pick the right crane that will work perfectly for your current project. Our customers regularly order tower cranes for the major construction projects going on throughout the city. We also have small, highly efficient cranes which are in high demand in the ice cream industry of Kuantan, allowing heavy loads of packages to be easily transported within a short time. The mobile cranes are also very popular among the customers, especially the fishing industry which is one of the booming businesses of Kuantan. Our machines condition are always checked and with its highly advanced technology it ensures you quick completion of your projects. We also conduct regular maintenance and safety check on all our equipment.

If you require excellent crane rental services anywhere in Kuantan, Metro Crane is the right choice.

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