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Penang is the most densely populated and one of the most urbanized states in Malaysia. As the economic hub of Malaysia, itโ€™s a highly advanced state due to many industries and development projects. Being a multicultural state, Penang is known as โ€˜The Silicon Valley of the Eastโ€™, and thus is a major attraction for foreign projects and investors. From rugged construction sites to the urbanization and development of the stateโ€™s infrastructure, excellent quality machinery is always in demand for the completion of a multitude of projects in Penang.

Our cranes are specifically designed for easy transportation within the busy streets of the city. They range in different sizes i.e. from heavy-duty tower cranes for construction projects to small crawler cranes for projects such as light installation on the streets. We hold a good reputation in the city for our advanced, robust cranes that are available round the clock and are specially designed for projects related to urbanization and the development of Penang. Such cranes are regularly ordered for painting buildings, installation of billboards, cleaning and maintenance of large buildings, cutting down trees and the list goes on and on. Our company allows follows strict safety regulations and regularly evaluates the performance of our machinery and ensures we provide you with service of the best standards.

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