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Johor Bahru is one of the fastest-growing cities in Malaysia and also the stateโ€™s commercial center. This metropolitan area is also the third most densely populated area in Malaysia. Johor Bahru, due to its closeness to Singapore, is one of the major tourist attraction sites for Singaporeans and this paves the way for the economic development of the city. Also, the center of many conferences, congress, and trade fairs, the area is quite modernized and is a multi-cultural city.

We, atย ES Crane, provide a wide variety of highly advanced cranes that are very well suited to the plethora of projects going on at Johor Bahru. A large number of crane rentals pertain to small, technologically advanced, mobile cranes that are specially designed for easily moving through busy streets. However, we always recommend the right crane to our customers based on their project requirements.

So if you need advice on which crane will be most suitable for you, our team is available to guide you. Not only that, but we also serve you by offering the advanced machinery need along with the crane. For example, when it comes to mobile cranes, a lot of additional attachments are needed to perform the job, so we got you well-covered.

The most important part: we perform regular maintenance and safety checks to ensure the best standards of service. We are only satisfied when the customer is happy.

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