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Looking for a crane that is not only agile, small, and easily operated but also capable of self-loading and unloading cargo? If so then a lorry crane is perfect for you. Mostly referred to as a “crane mounted on lorries”, a lorry crane is your reliable vehicle for lifting and transporting cargo through densely built-up areas.  You definitely need the right crane for the right job and that’s why ES Crane is here to serve you.

We have a versatile fleet of lorry cranes as we keep expanding and upgrading our vehicles to manage increased demand. The vehicle’s capacity ranges from 10 to 110 tonnes. You can rent a lorry crane whenever you like. Whether you need it for a day, a few weeks, or a couple of months and even beyond, we are here to assist you. The lorry cranes are well-maintained so you can enjoy last-minute rentals without any hassle. Plus our team is always there to help you choose the best type and capacity of lorry to meet your requirements. When you choose to rent a lorry crane from us, our trained customer service team will be available to answer your questions and provide support during the course of your project.

Call us today to rent the most suitable lorry crane for your project. Or share your requirements through email or website with us and we’ll recommend the best vehicle to you.