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Seremban is the state capital of Negri Sembilan and contributes to about half of the stateโ€™s GDP. The major contribution to the GDP is the manufacturing industry, followed by services and tourism, agriculture, construction, and mining. Seremban is well connected to the surrounding towns and villages via buses and commuter trains and also serves as the commercial and business center of these towns. As Seremban is on its way to being recognized as a city soon, many developmental projects are underway throughout the city.

In a developing city like Seremban, many growing construction businesses will fill the streets and corners. And this growth will lead to looking out for convenient solutions in having for rent equipment like cranes. The good news is that ES Crane is already offering such a service. A complete rental service company that has all types of cranes that will be helpful to speed up your construction project. We have different cranes that suit different types of workloads and environments.

Moreover, there is no need to be wary of purchasing a new one since all our cranes are highly maintained and made sure of their best condition- definitely can pass as brand new.

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