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Materials like sand and gravel need to be placed in a transport vehicle that would guarantee that they are intact when delivered to the worksite. A simple truck or lorry would not do. You need to get a trusted tipper lorry rental in Malaysia that can hold a massive amount of building materials that can hold your materials from hauling to delivery.

ES Crane is your go-to material handling expert that specializes in crane and lorry rental in Malaysia. Our mission is to provide businesses and companies with reliable transport vehicles that can handle and deliver their materials all throughout transport.

Sturdy Tipper Lorry Rental in Malaysia

A dump truck or tipper lorry is ideal for transporting loose materials since they offer space and capacity while holding these materials through transport, but you need to choose one that would meet the loading capacity their business or project requires.

ES Crane’s fleet of tipper lorries comes in different loading capacities and sizes and is perfect for jobs and projects of any size. And our equipment rental solutions come with manpower like operators and drivers that have the necessary experience in material handling and delivery.

Established Crane Rental Company in Malaysia

ES Crane has been a crane provider for years and we have served countless clients and businesses. We are committed to providing outstanding service delivery and reliable crane equipment at rental rates that clients can afford.

And our business is open to clients located in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor, and other major locations in Malaysia.

Be a PRO in Material Handling!

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