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Kuching is the capital and most densely populated city of Sarawak, Malaysia. Since the state government aims to make Sarawak a developed state by 2020, Kuching has become the main commercial and industrial center. The city is developing as a tourist spot with the development of national parks and museums. Kuching is also the permanent host of the AIFAA and host to many trade conferences and congresses. Companies frequently require cranes for the completion of their projects.

We, atย ES Craneย are experts at providing crane rental services throughout Malaysia and abroad. We provide our customers with highly advanced, robust machinery that is well-suited to their needs. From large tower cranes for major construction projects to small, mobile cranes for street lamp placement, we offer a great variety of sizes and types of cranes. The Rough Terrain and Auger cranes are regularly ordered for drilling and mining since the discovery of antimony ores in the city. The cranes are in excellent working condition and the customers can consult our experts in helping them choose the best type of cranes for their project. Since Kuching has become a favorite location for banks and insurance companies to establish their headquarters, the Hydraulic truck cranes are excellent for construction projects like new buildings, airports, etc.

ES Craneย promises you on-time delivery of excellent quality machinery any time of the day. Vigorous safety and maintenance checks are regularly carried out to provide excellent service.

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