Rough Terrain Crane Rental Malaysia

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If your project concerns large-scale construction, building bridges, or managing operation in power and chemical plants located off the road and surrounded by rough, difficult-to-access areas, then a rough terrain crane is exactly what you need. With a wide range of lifting and carrying capabilities along with large off-road tires for increased stability, such cranes are suitable for a variety of job sites. Unlike conventional truck cranes, rough terrain cranes (also known as RT-cranes) can easily move on rugged or uneven tracks.

We truly understand that having the right crane for your long-term project is crucial to its success. That’s why ES Crane offers a range of RT cranes that come with three-mode steering and remarkable ground clearance making them compatible in rugged areas. You can choose the most suitable RT crane from a wide range of sizes, load-carrying capacities (55-350 tons), and ease of transportation. Better still, our experts recommend the best possible RT crane for your project. Know that all our cranes are in proper working condition to ensure the best possible outcome for your project.

Any concerns regarding safety issues with the use of heavy machinery in rough areas will no longer be your worry as our experts do perform site inspections if needed. They gather all your requirements before recommending the right crane for your job.

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