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Pasir Gudang is an industrial town in Johor, Malaysia. Itโ€™s well connected to the city via highways, railway, and the trunk road. The town houses one of the two major power stations of Johor and the main revenue is generated by transportation and logistics. Shipbuilding, palm oil storage and distribution as well as the petrochemical industry are the main revenue builders.

While visiting this town, youโ€™ll surely see construction and maintenance work going on. Thatโ€™s where our services come in handy. When you need to rent a crane for your construction projects, we have them available for you.ย ES Crane is Malaysiaโ€™s growing rental service company that offers all types of cranes that are designed to help you on your site. ย The premises of Pasir Gudang is surrounded by the ongoing erection of buildings that clearly demands hydraulic truck cranes.ย  The progress is easily visible in the industrial sector, therefore, we have regular bookings for robust tower cranes for picking heavy loads as such cranes are designed for easy portability from one place to another.

For the development projects in the rough and jagged areas, we have our RT-cranes that can load up to 300 tons of weight. We have other cranes available in our fleet and we are proud to show them to you so you can carefully select what is the ideal crane that will suit your needs.

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