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With an aerial or an elevating work platform, mobile sky lift is your perfect choice if your project involves reaching people or places at a significant height. You can gain advantage of this lift for your next construction project where you can easily supply material at great heights. Not only that, sky lifts are suitable if your job involves cleaning tall building or working with high electric poles.

Metro Craneย offers a large fleet of mobile sky lifts for your construction and maintenance projects. Our lifts are guaranteed to be absolutely stable and able to hold several men or heavy weight. They are capable of elevating from 20 ton to 400 tons of load at a given time plus you can easily move them on roads to reach your site, therefore, not requiring you to hire additional support. Simply put, you wouldnโ€™t need any other crane since the mobile sky lift comes with the safety equipment youโ€™d need. The range of mobile sky lifts we offer have satisfied our customers with ease of operations and handling, excellent performance and low fuel consumption.

Our expert team is available to recommend the right sky lift based on your project requirements. Whether you need a lift for your construction, installation or maintenance projects or you need it in the oil and gas sector to for moving heavy machinery Company name is here to serve you.

Call usย today to renting a mobile sky lift.